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Do You Need a Mental Health Day? Answer These 5 Questions First

Madalyn Parker recently made headlines when she sent an email to her colleagues saying she would be taking two days off to address her mental health. Her CEO responded by thanking her for reducing the stigma surrounding mental health.

She tweeted his positive response and the story went viral. Clearly, not all bosses encourage employees to take mental health days. And many employees wonder if a mental health day is the same as “playing hooky.”

An American tragedy: a dedicated worker so overwhelmed with her job that she needs to take some time out of the workplace to feel better or to focus on something other than work. Guilty feelings arise from not being at the office. Her mind can’t focus on her personal life due to the huge pile of work waiting back in the office.

An American hero: a supervisor that not only approves an employee’s time off to recharge their internal batteries, but also lets that employee know that they matter as a person.

The supervisor wrote more about his choice here.

For what it’s worth:

An employee would not need to “play hooky” if they were happy with their job. More importantly, they would feel no guilt in taking time off if management viewed them as a person with feelings and a life outside of the workplace.

This article is inspiring. Since it’s gone viral, it gives me hope that management across the nation would read this, reevaluate how they are running their workplace, and make change for the better.



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This year’s Prime Day beat Black Friday and Cyber Monday to be the biggest day in Amazon’s history

Amazon hasn’t disclosed sales figures from Prime Day, but last week, JP Morgan analysts estimated the holiday would net Amazon $1 billion in revenue, a 55% increase over last year’s Prime Day.

It just keeps growing and growing.

The Prime Collective (I might have to trademark that one) are starting to forego a web browser in favor of using an Amazon Echo to place their orders. #AmazonTechEcosystem

As a minimalist, I weep for society’s need to binge-buy the non-essential. However, I’m chuckling at a silent, and growing, wave of consumers fed up with the face-twitching experience of brick-and-mortar retail shopping. They’re not filling out comment cards or 1-800 “How are we doing?” feedback voicemail lines to tell retail businesses they’re dissatisfied.¬†They’re spending their dollars online, leaving their cars in the driveway, and abandoning the mall.


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Amazon is killing Black Friday

As Prime Day grows in popularity, shoppers’ interest in Black Friday has been waning. Last year, about 154 million customers shopped in store and online over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend, down from 226 million in 2011, according to the National Retail Federation.

Wake up at 4:30 am, drive to the shopping mall, and jockey for position among hundreds, or thousands, of other “bargain hunters” just to save 30% on toys, small appliances, or televisions?

I’m happy to see that society is choosing to sleep in on a Friday after Thanksgiving and do their shopping online in their pajamas.


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Microsoft says goodbye to Windows Phone

When Microsoft first released Windows Phone 8.1 on July 11, 2014, the company committed to providing three years of updates and patches.

Now, that time is up.

Couldn’t even make it a presidential term. #DisposableTechnology


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