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They say you should buy this new thing, then they will think you’re cool.

They will think you’re ugly if you don’t have six-pack abs, tanned skin, and toned muscles.

They don’t want you to speak up, otherwise you’ll make things awkward for others.

They don’t want you to be nice to that person because they look different than the rest of us.

They will say that big person nearby is going to hurt you, so don’t trust them.

They are all gonna laugh at you.

They will think that personal, handmade accessory you created is horrible.

They will call you a loser because you believe in something most people don’t.

They will look at you funny if you act like your real, genuine self.


They don’t know you.

They don’t care about you.

They will never change their mind, no matter what you say to them.

They are close-minded.

They are mean.

They don’t like anyone.


They don’t know the struggles you contend with on a daily basis.

They don’t care about the hard work you do every day.

They don’t know just how funny your sense of humor actually is.

They don’t know just how much you have to offer someone.

They don’t see how genuinely nice you are deep down.

They don’t see just how lovable you are.

They don’t know that you are beautiful on the inside. And on the outside.


Who are they, anyway?

They don’t matter.


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I spend a majority of my waking hours dwelling on the T-word. Technology. It’s been my lifelong passion. (At least since age eight.) It’s been my career choice for over twenty years. And it’s something I’m pretty good at.

Unfortunately, too much of the T-word has resulted in the O-word. Overwhelm. My blood pressure elevates due to self-imposed performance standards that are rarely met. These standards are higher than most clients expect of me and most supervisors require of me. It’s a shame, because The O-word creates resentment with the T-word because the T-word used to be the F-word. Fun.

Back when the T-word was the F-word and not the O-word, I gleefully lost track of time immersed in an operating system. I explored hidden features. I would dive deep into the world wide web to learn how to fix errors and automate tasks. The T-word turned into a career field that brought oohs and ahhs from those asking me what i did for a living. F-word!

But something happened along the way. The T-word turned into the C-word. Complex. Every OS update required another immersion; another deep dive to figure out what got changed. In addition, T-word devices started propagating at work, like a hot-air popcorn popper. There were so many C-word T-word gadgets around, clients and supervisors fell victim to the S-word. Stress. So much S-word from the C-word T-word would naturally result in the O-word for a high-standards guy like me.

To combat the O-word, I had to resort to the P-word. Productivity. Optimizing my time at work, using filters to reclaim valuable minutes, and mindfully confronting the S-word to avoid the O-word. Still a work in progress, but the P-word has been helpful in making the T-word F-word again.


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