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Consumer Reports: Microsoft Surface is Dead Last for Reliability

Surface devices were found to freeze, unexpectedly shut down or have issues with their touchscreens, Beilinson told Reuters, noting that the reliability issues made Microsoft “a statistical outlier compared with other brands.”

Microsoft’s QA for their operating systems and now hardware have kept me gainfully employed for over two decades. Looks like my vocation is not in jeopardy any time soon.


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The absolute dominance of Google Chrome, in one chart

Microsoft actively discourages Windows users from downloading Chrome, but that hasn’t stopped Google from dominating on the desktop, either.

A few more for the record:

Microsoft actively discourages Windows users from using anything other than Microsoft products.

Microsoft actively discourages Windows users from focusing on their work with incessant notifications and popups.

Microsoft actively encourages Windows users to pay for their software on a monthly basis.


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Facebook is turning video sounds on by default — here’s how to turn them off

You’ve probably noticed loads of auto-playing videos in your News Feed. …those videos played with the sound off. Now, Facebook is turning the sound on by default.”

A cacophony of distorted audio played at loud volume awaits as you swipe through your timeline. Great decision, Facebook!

Click the link below for a visual description how to turn off the auto-play “feature.”

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