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I’m Chris.

I’m from beautiful Bellingham, Washington. The northwest of the northwest. Currently I am a husband, father, tech nerd, wanna-be barbecue grillmaster, bass guitarist, podcaster, instructor, writer, thinker, follower of Jesus, and introvert. I used to be a bully, roadrage-a-holic, cluttered packrat, afraid of society, unworthy of being loved, angry, lonely, uncomfortable with who I was.

I’ve had a unique life so far, just like everyone else. I’ve experienced hurt, loss, betrayal, rejection, embarrassment, shame, abuse, and have made it through to the other side. The side where one can exhale. The side where one can close their eyes and just be. Some of my posts pertain to current events that give me pause for thought. Some of my writings are introspective. Some essays are intended to help de-stress your relationship with technology. All of them are honest and devoid of hidden agenda.

With this website, I’m not just dipping my toe in the transparency pool, but am diving right in not knowing how deep the waters are. Thank you for taking the time to stop by and check things out.

Should you want to check out my resume, it’s available here.